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The NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) at Stennis Space Center announces professional development workshops for educators. K-12 teachers can receive CEUs for these free workshops. Home school educators are welcome, too! Topics include physical science, life science, biology, mathematics, technology, engineering and much more. Workshops are available for all grade levels and are held on-site at Stennis Space Center and INFINITY Science Center.
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    Spaced Out Sports
(Grades K-8)
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Spaced Out Sports
Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014 CEUs: 0.5 Grades: K-8
"Spaced Out Sports" is a student design challenge that engages students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students apply Newton's Laws of Motion by designing or redesigning a game for astronauts to play on the International Space Station (ISS). As students design a new sport, they will learn about Newton's Laws of Motion and the effect of gravity on an object. They will learn to predict the difference between a game or activity played on Earth and in the microgravity environment of the ISS. The curriculum guide associated with the challenge will help educators guide their students to understanding life aboard the ISS. Come learn how astronauts live, work, and sometimes play in microgravity. To view the curriculum guide used for this workshop visit http://education.ssc.nasa.gov/spacedoutsports.asp.
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          GLOBE Atmosphere
(Grades 3-12)
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          The Fascinating
World of Weather
(Grades K-4)

GLOBE Atmosphere Workshop
Saturday, March 22, 2014 CEUs: 0.5 Grades: 3-12
GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) is a worldwide hands-on school-based education and science program. For students, GLOBE provides the opportunity to learn by taking scientifically valid measurements in the fields of land cover/biology, atmosphere/climate, hydrology and soil. During GLOBE training, educators will learn precise methods of collecting measurements. Educators will then engage students to collect their own data from sites at or near their schools and submit it over the Internet. Using the interactive GLOBE Web site, students can create maps and graphs, analyze data sets and collaborate with scientists and GLOBE students in 100 countries around the world.

Scientists around the world are studying the weather through GLOBE; your students can help too. Participants will learn how to take the needed atmospheric measurements to better understand our planet's climate changes. The measurements you and your students make through the GLOBE atmosphere program will go a long way in helping everyone understand more about the world's weather.

TO REGISTER: Visit the GLOBE website at http://www.globe.gov/events/workshops. Under "Search for a workshop in your area," select "United States" in the "All Countries" dropdown list. Then select "Mississippi" for the state and click the "Search" button. Look for the location name "Stennis Space Center."
The Fascinating World of Weather
Saturday, March 29, 2014 CEUs: 0.5 Grades: K-4
Are your students excited to learn about weather? Weather is fascinating, ever-changing and shapes our lives every day. Why do we need the sun? What causes thunder and lightning? Hands-on experiments will be used to discover answers to these questions and the scientific principles behind weather. Using NASA resources, teachers will learn a variety of inquiry-based activities that translate the NASA experience into meaningful science applications for their students.
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How to Register For Free Workshops at Stennis Space Center
To make a reservation, call the NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) at 800-237-1821 and select option 2, or call 228-688-3338. Please call between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Unless otherwise noted, all 0.5 CEU workshops will be held 8:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. with a 30-minute lunch break. Please bring your lunch, some workshop locations do not provide food services.
To register for GLOBE workshops:
Visit the GLOBE website at http://www.globe.gov/events/workshops. Under "Search for a workshop in your area," select "United States" in the "All Countries" dropdown list. Then select "Mississippi" for the state and click the "Search" button. Look for the location name "Stennis Space Center."
Educator Resource Center (ERC) Workshop Policy and Security
Educators may register for no more than three (3) workshops per semester and may only make reservations for themselves. Educators must call the ERC at 228-688-3338 as soon as possible to cancel attendance. Failure to notify the ERC of a cancellation will affect educator's ability to participate in future workshops and programs.
For workshops held at Stennis Space Center, for security purposes, you may be required to check in at the reception center located at either the north or south gate upon arrival at Stennis Space Center. You must be a US citizen with a valid photo ID. Please allow sufficient time for this process when you arrive..
The use of cell phones is prohibited while driving on site at Stennis Space Center.
CEU Information
Mississippi and Louisiana educators are able to renew their teaching certificates with CEU credits from approved workshops. Unless otherwise noted, educators will receive 0.5 CEU credits for each five-hour workshop conducted on site. You must be present for the full workshop to earn CEU credit. The ERC maintains all CEU records. The ERC issues a certificate of attendance when the educator completes a five-hour workshop. This certificate, along with any other CEU documentation, should then be mailed by the educator to the State Department of Education at the time of renewal. To obtain a copy of your CEU credits, a written request must be sent to the ERC.
Visit the ERC for Free NASA Materials
The NASA ERC at Stennis Space Center (SSC) is located in building 3101, adjacent to the guard station on Mississippi Route 607. The ERC is open from 9-3 Monday-Friday for educators to pick up free NASA materials. To reach the ERC take I-10, Exit 2 and north on Hwy. 607. The SSC I-59 entrance is no longer an option for the public visiting the ERC.

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