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FIRST Robotics

NASA and Stennis Space Center support the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Competition, which is a national robotics contest immersing high school students in the exciting world of engineering.

At Stennis Space Center, engineers team up with businesses and universities to give area students a hands-on look at the engineering profession. In six intense weeks, students and engineers work together to brainstorm, design, construct and test their robot. The FIRST Robotics teams then compete in a spirited, no-holds-barred tournament complete with referees and time clocks.

The result is a fun, exciting and stimulating environment in which students discover the important connection between classroom lessons and real-world applications.

To find out more about FIRST Robotics at Stennis Space Center, call 228-688-7744 or visit the FIRST web site at http://www.usfirst.org.


The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) program is a robotics competition for middle school students. Created from a partnership with the LEGO Company, FIRST officials produced a junior robotics competition for children ages 9-14. FLL uses the same principles of good sportsmanship demonstrated in the FIRST Robotics competition to create a fun atmosphere for competitions. Mentors and educators work with a team of students and a LEGO Mindstorm Kit to prepare for competitions and to inspire students to appreciate science, technology, engineering and mathematics using real-world context and hands-on experimentation.

Stennis Space Center is involved in recruiting new LEGO League teams in our service area. The Educator Resource Center at Stennis provides educator workshops about robotics education activities and involvement in FLL competitions. Stennis also supports two regional FLL events located in southern Mississippi and New Orleans, La.

Learn more about FIRST LEGO League at http://www.usfirst.org/jrobtcs/flego.htm.

Robotics Education Program and the Educational Robotics Matrix

The Robotics Education Project (REP) is coordinated by NASA Headquarters and services the entire United States and some international areas. The Educational Robotics Matrix is a listing of robotics-related lesson plans for educators of students in all age groups. Competition information and internship information is also part of the Matrix. Visit the Robotics Education Project home page at http://robotics.nasa.gov/index.html. For direct access to the Educational Robotics Matrix visit http://robotics.nasa.gov/matrix.htm.

The DEVELOP Program

Student teams research NASA science capabilities relevant to community concerns and create advanced computer generated visualizations demonstrating research results. DEVELOP encourages applications from high school through graduate level students with strong interests in science, technology and policy. Click here for more information.

Pre-College Programs (High School Summer Programs)

Pre-College-level programs managed through the Office of External Affairs, Education, at Stennis Space Center. Click below for more information:

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