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Spaced Out Sports Image
Spaced Out Sports Image
Teaching From Space:
Spaced Out Sports Design Challenge
2012 Winning Game Videos -- on Earth and on the ISS
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2012 Contest Winners
Winning Team
2012 FIRST PLACE WINNERS: Astronaut Dr. Linda Godwin, back row center, visits the 2012 winning Spaced Out Sports Design Challenge team at Pierremont Elementry MOSAICS Academy in Manchester, Missouri, during an event at their school hosted by NASA.

Winners of the 2012 Spaced Out Sports Design Challenge are:
  • First Place: Pierremont Elementary MOSAICS Academy of Manchester, Missouri, and their game "Starfield"
  • Second Place: East Brook Middle School of Paramus, New Jersey, and their game "Outstanding Obstacles"
  • Third Place: Tyngsborough Middle School of Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, and their game "Learning Takes You Around the World"
The 2012 Spaced Out Sports Challenge
Spaced Out Sports Poster image

“Spaced Out Sports” is a national student design challenge geared toward grades 5-8. The purpose is for students to apply Newton's Laws of Motion by designing or redesigning a game for International Space Station (ISS) astronauts to play in space. As students design a new sport, they will learn about Newton's Laws of Motion and the effect of gravity on an object. They will learn to predict the difference between a game or activity played on Earth and in the microgravity environment of the ISS.

Student teams will submit game demonstrations via a playbook and a video. Submissions will be accepted from schools, home school groups, after-school or enrichment programs. Student teams must consist of a minimum of three (3) and maximum of fifteen (15) players. NASA will only accept one (1) entry per school or group. If multiple classes or groups want to participate in the challenge, the school and/or organization can hold an in-house competition and/or selection process to determine the top game to submit to NASA Stennis Space Center.

“Spaced Out Sports” winning teams will be selected nationally by NASA Stennis Space Center's Education Office.

  • The first (1st) place team will be awarded a NASA school-wide or program-wide celebration. The NASA school/program-wide celebration will only be awarded to teams located in the United States.
  • The top three (3) teams' games will be played on the ISS and recorded for a future broadcast. The date and the time of the broadcast will be determined later. Game demonstrations will be modified to meet ISS requirements.
  • All contributing schools and programs will participate in a Digital Learning Network (DLN) webcast with ISS NASA astronauts. The date and time of the webcast will be determined later.
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