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Teaching From Space:
Spaced Out Sports Career Videos

Spaced Out Sports Career Videos feature world champion sports figures, NASA engineers and an astronaut demonstrating the importance of science and the laws of motion and teamwork and problem-solving to achieve career goals in space and sports!

To view a video, click the photo or the blue title above the video description.
Gymnast Nastia Liukin
Nastia Liukin and Supergirl gymnasts demonstrate how you can reach for your stars by using the laws of motion to become an Olympic Gold Medalist!
Saints Kicker Garrett Hartley
New Orleans Saints Kickers Garrett Hartley and Thomas Morstead demonstrate how applying physics to football allowed them to become Super Bowl Champions!
Saints' Linemen Strief & Stinchcomb
Linemen Zack Strief and Jon Stinchcomb demonstrate the use of momentum and force to block opponents so the Saints can score Super Bowl-winning touchdowns!
Saints' Kicker Thomas Morstead
Thomas Morstead explains that achieving in academics won him a scholarship as a mechanical engineering major - and then allowed him to play football for Southern Methodist University and the New Orleans Saints.
Rocket Scientist Rosa Obregon
NASA Mechanical Operations Engineer and Test Conductor Rosa Obregon demonstrates the mechanical, electrical and computer systems used in Mission Control testing operations at Stennis Space Center.
NASA Engineer Casey Kirchner
NASA Aerospace Engineer Casey Kirchner demonstrates the application of Newton's third law of motion to create the right amount of force, motion and steam for a successful lift-off!
NASA Engineer Lucien Junkin
NASA Robotics Engineer Lucien Junkin demonstrates Space Exploration Vehicle testing for the Desert RATS project. Lucien explains the need for future engineers to have science, teamwork and problem-solving skills to build next generation vehicles for a Micro-G environment.
NASA Astronaut Mike Gernhardt
NASA Astronaut Mike Gernhardt demonstrates the use of an astronaut suit on Space Exploration Vehicles for the Desert RATS project. Mike's dream is that future engineers will develop a suit for playing Lunar and Mars Games!
NASA Astronaut Mike Gernhardt
NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya demonstrates that the right amount of force and friction helps win the race!
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