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HUNCH: High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware

[Students Grades 9-12]
[Available: AL, LA, MS, TN]

The High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware, or HUNCH, project provides work experiences to inspire high school career technology and engineering focused students to pursue careers in science, technology, or engineering fields.

HUNCH is a collaborative effort among NASA Space Operations and Exploration Systems mission directorates, Stennis Space Center Education Office, and Marshall Space Flight Center's Academic Affairs, Training and Crew Operations, and Ares Project offices. They provide "work-world" experiences for students by engaging them in the design, fabrication and rapid prototyping of multiple products for use in the ARES I mock-up.

High school students will be challenged to meet NASA's work requirements as they coordinate to plan, design and model hardware for the Ares I upper stage and J-2X engine. Students will use a 3-D plotter for integration of parts and materials. They will collaborate with peers and NASA mentors via NASA's Digital Learning Network, or DLN, videoconferencing and through on-site work.

Models will be used for concept studies and hands-on evaluations. In April, NASA will recognize teams for their model designs at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi.

Requests for Proposals will be emailed to Louisiana and Mississippi schools on October 5, 2009, and due October 23, 2009. Interested schools should contact Cheryl Guilbeau at cheryl.a.guilbeau@nasa.gov.

Who to Contact at NASA -- Louisiana and Mississippi:
Cheryl Guilbeau, Ed.D.
Elementary and Secondary Education Projects Coordinator
Office of External Affairs and Education
Jacobs Technology
NASA Stennis Space Center
Mail Code IA20
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-6000
Phone: 228-688-2208
Fax: 228-688-1094
E-mail: Cheryl.A.Guilbeau@nasa.gov

Who to Contact at NASA -- Alabama and Tennessee:
Fred Kepner
Marshall Space Flight Center
Academic Affairs Office
WILL Technology
Mail Code HS30
Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812
Phone: 256-544-4761
Fax: 256-961-1521
E-mail: Fred.kepner@nasa.gov

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