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Astro Camp®

NASA's Astro Camp is pleased to announce a partnership with INFINITY Science Center's Camp INFINITE to deliver two distinct-themed, week-long summer camps – "Journey to Mars" and "Earth Quest." This unique partnership will leverage NASA's fascinating discoveries and INFINITY's fun museum setting and innovative exhibits. Together, Astro Camp and Camp INFINITE's new curriculum promises a memorable, rewarding week packed with hands-on learning, rekindled and new friendships, and inspiring "aha moments" usually reserved for explorers and astronauts.

Rendezvous for a "Journey to Mars!"
NASA plans to send humans to Mars in the 2030s. This means that the first person to step foot on the Red Planet has already been born. Is that person you? Will you be one of the astronauts on the first human expedition? Journey with us from Mar's beginning to what we know now. Learn about the early days of space travel, the skills and technologies that will be needed to get to Mars and discover what secrets we've uncovered in the dark corners of the solar system that humans and their "robots" have already explored.

Start a path of discovery with "Earth Quest!"
Can watching frogs help us understand global warming? How do pitcher plants digest bugs? How many animals live in a drop of pond water? Why is Earth the only planet we know of to support life? Are we being good stewards of that planet? Join Camp INFINITEon our quest to answer these questions and more as we explore the Pearl River watershed through water quality testing, nature hikes and studying the animals that call this area home. Come learn about the Earth sciences and do real science research on our week-long "Earth Quest" camp.

For more information on camp themes, dates and pricing, please visit the INFINITY Science Center online by clicking here.

Registration is currently open for both camps.

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